About Us

Atomic Hobby Shop is a full service Hobby and Gaming Shop in the Cypress area. 

A bit about us: there are 3 of us, John, Ben, and Johnathan, we are a group of gamers and military veterans. We also run FNP Wargamers YouTube channel and we even have a battle studio setup for you to come on the channel and challenge us! We bought an existing store that was dedicated to slot cart hobby that is 2500 square feet, located in Cypress Texas! We have worked hard to change the store geared more towards Games Workshop, Magic the Gathering, Disc Golf, RPG models, gaming, a bits bin, Infinity, and much more. If you can make it out to say hello we have (are still!) putting a ton of work in the place and would love to meet you! Let us know what we can do to further support the community with advise, tips, or even other games you would like us to carry and support! 


We game, have fun, and facilitate a welcoming environment. 


We run Houston Warhammer 40k Tournament on the 4th Saturday at the end of the month every month! Wednesdays are our Infinity nights and other tabletop gaming. We have drafting every Wednesdays for Magic the Gathering. Fridays we have tournaments and commander! Saturdays will be tabletop wargaming, primarily Warhammer 40k, Infinity and AoS, we also have plenty of room for Magic the Gathering! Sunday casual gaming and board game night. 


We even have a ton of board games you can play for free!